Una has appeared in various news outlets & publications including: The New York Times, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, NowThis, NPR’s CodeSwitch, MSNBC, AM NY, Autostraddle, The HuffingtonPost, The Village Voice, Essence Magazine, (News Hour), Artform, THEM, The Montreal Gazzette, Colorlines, Feministing, Racialicious,, TRACE, NYTheater Now, Vitamin W, and her shows are the frequent Critic’s Picks of TimeOut NY.

The New York Times: “Burlesque, Redefined”

Teen Vogue: Compost Bin! Burlesque Show Provides Space and Celebration for All Bodies

NowThis: How brASS Burlesque is Taking the Power Back for Queer Women of Color

NPR’s CodeSwitch: Some Of The People Knew Magic

MSNBC: “Stripping for Change”

HUFFPOST: “ASSEMBLAGE: Meet Queer Japanese Burlesque Performers Una Aya And Michi Ilona Osato”

“For this pair of Japanese, Jewish, self-loving anti-Zionists, burlesque is much more than a form of entertainment. It's a medium… to explore the nuances of their identities in the Western world while commenting on issues surrounding gentrification, the education system, the political nature of their bodies and natural and human-made disasters.”

GRIST: “Polar Bear-lesque: The Weirdest, Sexiest Way to Confront Climate Change”

“...burlesque and clowning acts that [grapple] with questions about the Earth, destruction, and human rights.”

FEMINISTING: “The Feministing Five: Una Aya Osato”

“Osato looks at her own identity as a native New Yorker; as the daughter of a Jewish-American mother and Japanese immigrant father, who deals with Asian stereotypes on the one hand and is called a self-loathing Jew on the other. She examines love and loss. And she manages to do it while wearing pasties and underwear!”

“a tour-de-force” -- The Montreal Gazzette (MONTREAL)

“Una Aya Osato, who gave a charming performance” -- The New York Times (NYC)

“*****” (five out of five stars) -- Toronto Eyeweekly (TORONTO)

“This is possibly the best show I have ever seen. Ever.” -- Plank Magazine (VANCOUVER)

"Una Aya Osato's knack for comedy and talent as a burlesque dancer helps make this solo show a hilarious and engaging one." -- (NYC)

“…funny, sad, inspirational and eye opening.” -- Colorlines (NYC)

“… incredible concentration, discipline, and lightning agility from Ms. Osato as a performer … allows the audience to witness a virtuoso performance...” -- My Cultural Landscape Blog (SAN FRANCISCO)

“... pure and compelling... undeniably powerful and very well put together piece of performance... Osato's freakily flexible dramaturgical hands - she powers through personas like an Olympic shapeshifter - it comes off with resonance and poignance...”  --The Hour (MONTREAL)

"Una blends political burlesque pieces with personal and political stories from her life." -- (NYC)

“This is by far, a highlight of all Fringe shows I’ve seen… She flawlessly transitions from role to role, depicting and contrasting each child with the truth, hope and integrity they possess... Inspiring audiences, Recess is a show you must put on the top of your list.” -- Mooney on Theater Blog (TORONTO)

“Politically aware, touching and entertaining.”  -- The Montreal Gazzette (MONTREAL)

“…a winning performance…”  -- NYTheater Now (NYC)

“Osato is a pretty special actress... It's hard to come away from her one-woman play Recess unmoved.” --The Hamilton Spectator (HAMILTON)

“a multi–faceted chameleon–like bravura performance.” -- The View (HAMILTON)

“Osato gives a performance of immeasurable diversity...Crowds should be lining up to see this production.” -- Raise the Hammer (HAMILTON)