Artist Statement

My art is my comeback to a world where marginalized bodies and experiences get silenced; a world where the only option is to write myself into my own parts.  

I tell stories with my whole body in meaningful, colorful ways that make the movement irresistible as I combine the many art forms I love: theater, burlesque, dance, stand-up, storytelling of every kind.

Everything I do and create is rooted in how I view the world- and how the world views and responds to me. Through fully embodied performance, I create and explore my own reality -- which celebrates my wholeness along with my brokenness.

Art is how I survive, how I breathe, how I share love.  It’s how I communicate, how I connect with others, how I create opportunities for as many stories to be shared as possible -- especially those we don’t usually get to hear and value.

Art is how I build community and counter the sense of isolation that capitalism breeds -- within ourselves and between each other -- through laughter, joy, and collective catharsis. In collaboration with other artists and countless communities, I create work that seeks to speak to people’s truths, to be action, to move others to action, because art should be useful to all of us. The movement for liberation of all peoples is a long haul, and it’s art and culture that will give us the space we need to be seen and heard, to reflect and re-energize together, to create the world that we know can be real. 

There isn’t just one stage that can have only one center. There are stages everywhere -- we create them, and there are as many centers as there are stories…