Savannah Turner [Undergrad student, Wesleyan University]

“Una is such a dynamic performer. Her presence is contagious as it fills the room, reaching each person in the audience. Her performance style invites the audience into her world, her space, her imagination in a way that makes it feel like a dialogue rather than a monologue. I would recommend the show to anyone looking for a refreshing, playful, embodied experience!! I really enjoyed the casual, and perhaps silly nature of the performance because it captures audience members who might not typically think about theater and performance art as a kind of Friday night leisure. Una's engagement with both the audience and her craft makes for such a unique experience. She is an artist in every sense of the word."

Allie Kroeper [undergrad student, Rutgers University]

“Una was an absolute pleasure to work with and did an amazing job as headliner and emcee.” -Allie Kroeper  [President of the QPOC student organization Llego, undergraduate student, Rutgers University


Nomin  [Treasurer, QPOC student org Llego; Undergrad student, Rutgers U.] 

"Una was friendly, sweet, professional, and great to work with.  We greatly enjoyed her funny and captivating burlesque, as well as her provocative commentary about race, art, politics, and the American prison system. We also appreciated her skilled emceeing of the night's other performances."

Rebecca John  [Undergrad student, Cornell]

"I was blown away by Una's spectacular performance of exHOTic other… The performance was a true enactment of what it means to say the personal is political. It was also hilariously entertaining (I never would have thought to conceptualize gentrification of communities of color as a zombie apocalypse). Throughout the show, I found myself laughing, crying, and sometimes feeling deeply uncomfortable (in a good way!). Additionally, the workshop that Una led afterwards was incredibly inspiring, and empowered us as Asian American women to tell our stories and be honest about our relationships with our bodies. I would highly recommend Una's performances and workshops to any student who wants to open up a conversation about social justice on their campus in a personal and performative way. Una was incredibly affirming and inspiring, not only through her performance but also in person; I'm glad she was there to guide us as we unpacked so many topics." 


Bree Picower [Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Montclair State University]

“In my years as an educator, Una Osato's one woman show RECESS has been one of the most powerful experiences to ignite discussion... Osato's ability to weave complex topics such as war, AIDS, police brutality and race into a relatable story with lovable children that any teacher can recognize is unparalleled.  RECESS is an emotional roller coaster that reflects the lives of children, and as viewers you are brought along on the journey of tears and laughter.  The level of empathy for children that seeing RECESS can bring to the surface in under 2 hours often takes a semester to achieve.  I cannot recommend RECESS enough as a vital tool in preparing educators who understand and intervene in the crushing blows many of our children face daily in schools.” 


Maddy Fox [Ph.D., Public Science Project, Critical Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center]

“RECESS is some of the best theatre I've ever seen... The audience was made up of academics, graduate students, and community members across a wide range of disciplines. Osato's wholehearted, indefatigable, and outrageously talented performance not only brought the audience to and through laughter, tears, rage, triumph, and love, but also sparked engaged discussion about issues in education and schooling. RECESS is cathartic for anyone who is or has been involved in education (whether as an educator, parent, or student). More than just a spectator experience- RECESS invites audiences to engage with important, perplexing, and enraging educational issues that face all young people and educators today.” 


Laurel S. Butler [Adjunct Professor of Performing Arts and Community Exchange at the University of San Francisco]

“Una's performance offered so many things for my students: a deep and thoroughly researched understanding of the nuances of the public school experience, a virtuosic embodiment and compassionate portrayal of characters, and a tangible example of what art-for-social-change can be.  She is also as talented at facilitating as she is at acting - many of my students have incorporated her games and exercises into their own Teaching Artist lexicon. Any teacher hoping to inspire a conversation around thinking critically about the school system, and thinking creatively about how we socialize our children, should see Una's work - and then talk about it!”